Writing Playlist 5: Oral Fixation Edition

None of these songs actually have anything to do with oral fixation, I just have one and it’s been hella distracting me the past couple days, especially today. Somebody get this girl some gum, or a blow pop, or something. Seriously. But I digress… These are my top song pics for the week, hope someone out there enjoys them. I’m annoyed I can’t find a non-live version of the last song, but oh well.

I wish you all, and myself, a good weekend.

1. Regina Spektor – Blue Lips

2. Katzenjammer – Mother Superior

3. Florence + The Machine – Seven Devils

4. Ida Maria – Oh My God

5. Tegan and Sara – Walking with a Ghost

6. Neutral Milk Hotel – Naomi

7. Arctic Monkies – I bet you look good on the dance floor

8. STRFKR – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the second

9. Taking Back Sunday – A Decade Under the Influence (I can only find a shitty live version. This song is locked DOWN on youtube.)



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