So today has been really weird. I came to my parents house at around 5 because we are celebrating father’s day a week late apparently since my mom was feeling all Sick last Sun. My bro and I were also planning on doing some recording. Soooo um yeah it wasn’t bad. We hung out and went to dinner and then took the dogs for a walk in the Bosque and they chased a skunk and almost got fucking spayed which would have really really sucked. But we grabbed them in time. Then we hung out and watched a shitty old episode of twilight zone and my parents went to bed. Then my bro and I started recording. We were re-doing a vocal track of mine cuz the original sucked. It took over an hour but I’m pretty sure I nailed it this time. Soooo that’s good. My boyfriend stayed home and I was concerned about him cuz he was nooooot feeling good today. Now I’m going to spend the night alone in my childhood bed with a new shitty hard mattress. There is a dog sleeping underneath and sorta snoring. It’s hard for me to sleep here but I’m going to try.


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