Hocus Focus

man, I’m totally losing it over here. I can’t even think or focus at all and gaaaaaaah, he keeps touching me and giving me certain looks and it sends me dowwwn so fast, to a place I really want to go and just … stay. there. But I caaaaan’t because I have work to do, and responsibilities, and stuff and it’s wicked hard to be productive when you can’t stop thinking about getting tied up and … -clears throat- Tomorrow I’m going to have quite a lot of work actually… but I suppose that’s alright. Maybe it will keep me sort of distracted? Seriously what’s my deal? Why am I so keyed up this week? KeYeD UuUuUuUuUuUp SON! >>>___<<< I need to clear my damn head and write ONE LAST ARTICLE for tonight so I can possibly go to sleep at a semi-decent time and not wake up at 2 in the afternoon. Or I could stay up forever reading and still wake up wicked late… that’s also cool. I wish I had money to get some new clothes because my wardrobe is currently prettyyyy pathetic. Also I need to actually make an effort to try and fix my shoes cuz I’m basically shoe-less. -endless shrug- I mean it’s hard to care about it TOO much when I want to be home wearing next to nothing most of the time. Alright guyyys… I’m gunna peace out now and try to get something done.


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