Better living through kinkistry

‘sup guyyys? Guess what I should be doing right now? Not this… that’s what. I’ve just been wasting time all day long. I went to the gym which was nice, and I spent a tonnn of time painting my nails and also looking through tons of sex toys on the internet and discussing desired equipment which was funnn. Man. This week has been weird for me mentally. Suuuper hard to concentrate on my stuff. Hey, do you ever randomly find yourself missing someone from your past for a split second … but then you immediately remember that they did really shitty stuff to you that mentally fucked you up and stunted your sex life for more than a year? Ha yeah….. me neither…..

Honestly tho, since I’ve gotten back into bdsm style activities my life has felt sooo much better overall. It’s really weird how much it means to me, what an awesome positive impact {pun slightly intended} it has on my life. I feel more grounded and capable and confident and just … more like myself. Speaking of which it looks like tomorrow night is going to be quite challenging and intense and I’m slightly afraid I’ll fail miserably… but I still want to try to rise to the challenge. … or maybe devolve into a little rebel and get put in my place. Either way I’m looking forward to it. Unfortunately… I have 7 articles standing between me and such activities.



3 thoughts on “Better living through kinkistry

  1. Hopefully it’ll work out for you. 🙂 I’m glad you are back in the lifestyle.

  2. Warren Rainer says:

    I know you can do it. I wouldn’t have set the bar so high if I didn’t. I look forward to seeing how rebellious you get.

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