Playlist 6: Ships and Sleep and Sails and Sheep

Just throwing this up before I try to throw myself into sleepingville. (??) This week has been fine overall. No major monstrosities *knocks on wood* So I can’t really complain.

Here are my top song pics and a tiny observation or comment about each of them.

Not sure what next week is going to be like work-wise or life-wise or … anything wise really. Sooo we will see! I’m hoping for a nice, fun weekend starting after I finish my work tomorrow. I wish you guys the same.

1. Taking Back Sunday – Number five with a bullet (^_\\) 

2. Sufjan Stevens – The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts (Nice instrumentals, nice harmonies)

3. Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Not a huge Muse fan but like this one for some reason)

4. Arctic Monkies – When the Sun Goes Down (I’m becoming a fan apparently)

5. The Dresden Dolls – My Alcoholic Friends (An old fave, 10/10 highly recommend)

6. Regina Spektor – That Time (Not a very good video but best I could find)

7. The Used – Pretty Handsome Awkward (You’re welcome 16 year old me)

8. The Lumineers – Big Parade (kinda cutesy and folksy but nice overall)

9. My Brightest Diamond – Golden Star (Sorta chill, sorta epic sounding)


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