English major problems and ROASTING HOT CARS (and rope)

Sooooooo yeah, um… I’m now going into my second week with no freelance work. I have been trying my best to get stuff going but so far no one has gotten back to me and it freaks me out and sucks. It’s making me feel pretty stressed, and wicked fucking guilty and also like a terrible shitty failure at life. Like I’m letting down my boyfriend and my parents and not pulling my own weight. I had the chance to take a temporary job that would start in the middle of August, but I turned it down. Mainly because it pays $9.00 an hour and I would make less than $200 a week. I’m used to making $20-25 per hour for my freelance services. It makes me feel gross and used (not in the way I like) to make less than half of that for really hard, really terrible customer service job where I get treated like a servant (not in the way I like).¬†I’m not saying that I feel like I’m above that kind of work… except secretly I do. I have a BA and years of experience in a variety of different fields and I shouldn’t have to fucking work shitty jobs that pay $0.50 over minimum wage. I’m just not going to do that shit anymore. SoooOOooooo I’m going to keep trying to score some freelance gigs and try to communicate with people and e-mail them the right amount to seem determined and persistent but not annoying and obsessive and abrasive. I feel like it’s a fine line and I’m not super good at determining where it is.

In other news… my brother and I did some recording last night. My brother was laying down some vocal tracks and I ran the sound board and everything. Nights where I don’t have to sing are much less stressful for me. ūüėõ ¬†We have been talking for a while about how we both feel like we sound really awesome when singing in our cars, so we decided to try recording in his car, because why not right??! Soooo we set it all up, which took like a half hour.


Here’s a really shitty blurry picture I took. (The garage lighting was horrible for picture taking) You can see the sound board over there on a chair and my bro in his car (he drives a retired police cruiser which is fun and awesome and hilarious cuz people pull over for him sometimes) And we had the microphone going through his window and you can sorta baaarely see it there in front of his face. The thing about recording is, just because something sounds good to the naked ear doesn’t mean it’s going to translate well to a recording at. all. The sound we got out of this was *okay* but not spectacular, and certainly not good enough to suffer through FUCKING ROASTING TO DEATH IN THE SUPER HOT GARAGE. Soooo we packed it all up and set up in the living room and recorded there instead. All in all it was fairly successful.

In other other news… my boyfriend has been watching Shibari tutorials basically the whole time I’ve been writing this and trying out knots ¬†and it’s hella distracting. Oh man he just made a really nice bit gag out of rope and TRIED IT ON ME to make sure it would fit and that was VERY distracting. ¬†So, I guess despite the stress of things un-known, my life is pretty dang sweet.

Coming soon: Reviews for the free kindle smut I’ve been reading, reviews of products for curly hair, more random rambling and personal stories about my life.

AaaAaaaaAAAaaand that’s basically all that’s going on with my life at the moment. How are you guys doing? TeLl Me AbOuT yOuRsElVes!!!!111!!!

Woah dang!

I should be asleep but I’m all hella awake for some respiration
Raisin ore another. *insert terrible beatboxing here* Swype keyboard you know your own name but you suck at other stuff. I’m playing a dumb phone game where you shot dinosaurs. Ima still put together a playlist for reasons. Yarrr I’m tired and should try to sleep and maybe later figure out what to do with my life. I got hella free smut and random horror books and smutty horror books on my kindle so that’s fun.

Playlist 10: Unwanted Week Off Edition

I didn’t have any work this week (which kinda sucked) So I didn’t really listen to music like I usually do. However, I still pulled this shit together by looking back through my Pandora likes. Ummmmmm yeah! I really don’t have anything else to say. Here’s some songs with good words and sounds and stuff.

Have a good weekend you guys, and also hopefully myself.

1, Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

2. The Kooks – Naive

3. The Cold War Kids – Hang Me Up To Dry

4. Gregory Alan Isakov Р Suitcase Full of Sparks

5. Parov Stelar – Booty Swing

6. Jack White – Lazaretto

Being an adult?

SoooooOOooooooOooooo I haven’t gotten any guides for this week or heard anything from the main lady person about getting more or anything. All in all, that freaks me out. Kind of a lot. Financial uncertainty wise… it’s pretty shitty. I’m going to email her tomorrow I think, if I don’t hear from her before then. AaaaaAaannnyways, this uncertainty pressed me into applying for a shitty temporary minimum wage job at the college bookstore. I’ve done it a couple times before, and it’s always fairly awful. But I feel like I need to do SoMeThInG … am I right? (Yes, yes I am) It actually pays $0.50 more than minimum wage. Hell yeah, now we talkin’. ({sarcasm}) Not even 100% sure they will hire me, considering I refuse to do full time because fuck that and also no and also screw that big time hell no I’d rather be poor forever than kill my soul like that. Soooooooo we will see. I have two more weeks worth of money that is still going to come in. I’m seriously hoping this is just a short temporary very short lull in stuff for me to write for money, and it will pick back up soon. That’s what I’m hoping, please and thank you universe, because getting paid way good money to write stuff that’s pretty easy to write from the comfort of my own home is 1,000% better than any other shit job I’ve ever had in my entire life. (I’ve had a few man, let me tell ya)¬†

Meanwhile… I should probably go to the store and stuff because I don’t have things and I need to get some stuff. It’s weird to not have any work today I should be doing productive stuff but so far I HaVe NoT.¬†

Playlist 9: 696969

Six songs in playlist #9. Honestly I had a couple more I could have put on here but I decided against ’em because I just wasn’t loving ’em when I went through and listened to the videos. Plus, this way I got to label this playlist with a bunch of 69s for a valid reason. *high fives a bunch of 12 year olds who think that’s funny*

I finished all my work so I should’t have anything to do tomorrow (See: later today when I wake up) So that should be nice, even though I won’t be making as much money as I’d like. Dunno what’s going to happen article wise honestly. I hope I find out soon. I’m hoping for a fun, good, relaxing, stimulating weekend. I’m wishing peace and love and love and peace to all my digital friends and peeps.

1. Spoon – I Turn my Camera On

2. Tunng – Woodcat

3. The Used – The Bird and the Worm

4. Beck – Go it Alone

5. The Dirty Heads – My Sweet Summer

6. Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio

Come to the gym with me, then leave me alone!

So I often take my brother and occasionally my boyfriend to the gym with me, but once we get there I’m just like… peace out. Leave me alone and let me do my thing. I really don’t like interacting or socializing or talking at all really while I’m working out. It’s private time for me and my muscles and my brain, even if other people accompany me. They both know this and totally leave me alone to do my biz and they do their thing.¬†

Also the two of them, the two main dudes in my life are currently sharing a pair of earbuds and passing them back and forth and I find that hella amusing for some reason. My bro has his own pair but he perennially leaves them at our parents’ house for some reason.¬†

Sooo I finished all my work fairly early today, and after a trip to the gym and the store I am now back home just chilling. We are going to have a mid-week chill evening and watch things and eat tacos and drink alcohol maybe. My article queue is totally empty actually which is sorta freaking me out. I emailed the main lady to ask for more but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet and it’s all making me sorta paranoid. I’m going to email her again before I go to bed (at like 6am lol) if I don’t hear from her before then. Hopefully it will work out. In the mean time I’m going to try and chill.¬†

Peace out Wednesday peeps. 

Booooks and such!

I’ve been reading aaay lot the past few days/weeks?. It’s 6am and I should be going to sleep but whatever. I’m writing about books fuck you perceptions of TIME and also MORNING-NESS. SO… here we go! This is a new segment I like to call: Alison reviews books super fast like seriously 10 seconds per book at 6am when she is wicked tired and should be asleep.¬†

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz 

Dang, this kid can see hella ghosts. Just.. hella ghost all the damn time. This book was quite enjoyable overall. I’m not a huge Koontz fan but i liked this. Mixture of funny and also sadness because of death and ghosts duh. I wouldn’t say it was WICKED DEPRESSING… but I DID need to read two other books before I felt emotionally ready to start reading the second one in the series… so there ya go.¬†

– Worthy by Lia Black

Yo, if you’re looking for a short, free kindle ebook that is about a dystopian future and involves aaaay LOT of kinky gay sex, like seriously, so so much kinky gay sex, this is the book for you kid. It really is. Honestly I liked it okay and the attitudes of both the main characters had me like yoooooo at more than one point.¬†

– Divergent by Veronica Roth

I requested this at the library a few months ago and it finally came in and I went to the library to pick it up only to realize it was actually an eBOOK and I was dumb. Overall an enjoyable read. I finished it in like two days. Main character is decent, coulda done without so much hetero romance bla bla bla. It’s kinda ¬†like if Harry Potter and The Hunger Games boned and had a kid, and then their kid grew up and fucked Ender’s Game or something.¬†

~~~ This ends today’s thrilling installment of¬†Alison reviews books super fast like seriously 10 seconds per book at 6am when she is wicked tired and should be asleep. ~~~