Mid-Week Madness

Soooooooo I spent over an hour today sitting in the income support division office filling out paperwork to get my insurance in order. Due to my ~~ freelance status ~~ and other factors that I don’t feel like getting into, I had to fill out 12 motherfucking personal wage forms… one for EVERY MONTH OF THE LAST GODDAMN YEAR. Talk about unnecessary paperwork. I’m wicked sorry trees that died for me to use your paper for such a shitty purpose. Soooooo with a little help from my boyfriend I got it all done. It was super horrible. There were SO MANY KIDS running around with very little supervision, screaming and banging things into other things and just being super loud and annoying in general and dang I really don’t like being around kids. Especially in such numbers.

After I finished that I immediately came home and wrote 3 articles. I still have to knock out ONE MORE for the night.

So my favorite webcomic from when I was a kiddo recently found a new home on tumblr.


The comic itself is still dead forever but someone is re-posting all of the old comics, which I am happy about. I encourage you all to go take a look if you like totally silly meaningless bullshit drawn in MS paint.

Such gems as:

acid zen knocking

And also

acid zen more monicles


acid zen wonder paint

Sooo yeah, do me a flavor and check it out. Or don’t. Whatever.

Aaaanywaaaay… apparently we are busting out a MID-WEEK scene tonight, because our usual weekend plans are getting interrupted due to the 4th. SoooOooOooo I should really get going and finish up my work. Yeah. Cool.


One thought on “Mid-Week Madness

  1. TheCatssMeoww says:

    I can’t stand other peoples kids that aren’t my family.

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