Come to the gym with me, then leave me alone!

So I often take my brother and occasionally my boyfriend to the gym with me, but once we get there I’m just like… peace out. Leave me alone and let me do my thing. I really don’t like interacting or socializing or talking at all really while I’m working out. It’s private time for me and my muscles and my brain, even if other people accompany me. They both know this and totally leave me alone to do my biz and they do their thing. 

Also the two of them, the two main dudes in my life are currently sharing a pair of earbuds and passing them back and forth and I find that hella amusing for some reason. My bro has his own pair but he perennially leaves them at our parents’ house for some reason. 

Sooo I finished all my work fairly early today, and after a trip to the gym and the store I am now back home just chilling. We are going to have a mid-week chill evening and watch things and eat tacos and drink alcohol maybe. My article queue is totally empty actually which is sorta freaking me out. I emailed the main lady to ask for more but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet and it’s all making me sorta paranoid. I’m going to email her again before I go to bed (at like 6am lol) if I don’t hear from her before then. Hopefully it will work out. In the mean time I’m going to try and chill. 

Peace out Wednesday peeps. 


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