Being an adult?

SoooooOOooooooOooooo I haven’t gotten any guides for this week or heard anything from the main lady person about getting more or anything. All in all, that freaks me out. Kind of a lot. Financial uncertainty wise… it’s pretty shitty. I’m going to email her tomorrow I think, if I don’t hear from her before then. AaaaaAaannnyways, this uncertainty pressed me into applying for a shitty temporary minimum wage job at the college bookstore. I’ve done it a couple times before, and it’s always fairly awful. But I feel like I need to do SoMeThInG … am I right? (Yes, yes I am) It actually pays $0.50 more than minimum wage. Hell yeah, now we talkin’. ({sarcasm}) Not even 100% sure they will hire me, considering I refuse to do full time because fuck that and also no and also screw that big time hell no I’d rather be poor forever than kill my soul like that. Soooooooo we will see. I have two more weeks worth of money that is still going to come in. I’m seriously hoping this is just a short temporary very short lull in stuff for me to write for money, and it will pick back up soon. That’s what I’m hoping, please and thank you universe, because getting paid way good money to write stuff that’s pretty easy to write from the comfort of my own home is 1,000% better than any other shit job I’ve ever had in my entire life. (I’ve had a few man, let me tell ya) 

Meanwhile… I should probably go to the store and stuff because I don’t have things and I need to get some stuff. It’s weird to not have any work today I should be doing productive stuff but so far I HaVe NoT. 


One thought on “Being an adult?

  1. wolfvanberg says:

    I know the feeling..

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