Rainbows and Snails

It’s been raining SO MUCH recently. Seriously almost every day it has rained for at least an hour and that is fucking LOVELY because the part of the country I live in has been in a perma-drought for about a billion years. I keep saying “Rain until this isn’t a desert anymore!” every time it rains, because that is sincerely what I want. Aaaaaanyways, yesterday my boyfriend and I were doing a bit of day drinking, which we have not done in a really long time but we are irresponsible adults and we can do whatever we want. It was raining and beautiful so we decided to go for a walk. We went around the block, but I still wanted to walk more so I suggested we go up to the park. On the way up there we saw a beautiful rainbow / double rainbow and I tried to take pictures of it but they  never come out as well as I’d like. Here you can see the rainbow and sort of faintly faintly see the second rainbow above it.


Here’s the panoramic picture I took of it that shows the whole thing. (Also this was literally the first time I have ever tried to use the panoramic function of the camera on my phone, so I think it came out pretty well.)


So we went to the park and on the way home I saw a snail in someone’s yard. There aren’t too many snails around here, and mostly people see them as pests and don’t want them up in their yards. I’ve sorta wanted to keep a couple snails as pets for a while, but there aren’t a lot around here. So as soon as I saw it I was like dang, I want that snail. My boyfriend was like okay, and immediately picked it up for me. Then, I saw another one just a couple feet away. They do best in pairs or groups, so I asked him to grab the other one as well. He carried them home for me in his hand. We got home and I set up a tank for them, and we went to the store so I could get some food for them. Soooo now they are chillin’ in the bathroom. I don’t know why but I think snails are super cute. My boyfriend named them “They” and “Them” because snails reproduce asexually and prefer gender neutral pronouns. I might name them something else later but I haven’t come up with anything yet.



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