Maybe last night went poorly because I didn’t make a GOOD LUCK PLAYLIST this week. Dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!! Sooooo um yeah. Still no work, but there is at least the prospect of some in the hopefully not too distant future. Freelance problems, I’m tellin’ you guys. My neck has been hurting and fucked up and bugging me for like… a week. It got almost all better and then I slept weird again or something and now it hurts again. Really not cool. Especially since we are apparently going camping tomorrow, for two nights. I’m honestly not super into it but my mom really wants to do it and I guess it’s sort of like a “birthday” thing for me… so… okay I guess. Hopefully it will be fun and not stressful. That’s all I really ask. It’s somewhere I’ve never been before and there is a lake there apparently. Our gross white trash neighbors are being super gross and white-trash tacular today. Hanging out in the common area in front of our apartment like they fucking own the place. I was about to look through my kinky alternate tumblr dash, but their little kid is running around screaming out there so I’m not going to because looking at sexy stuff or thinking about sex even in the vicinity of children grosses me right the fuck out. When I worked as a sub(stitute teacher) It basically killed my sex drive because I had to be around kids all the time and I just … ugh. No.  I’m so glad I don’t have to work with kids anymore I really sort of hate them. That was a weird tangent… but.. moving on! I just cleaned out the snail tank and gave them some new food. I need to make a better food bowl for them that is easier to clean. My birthday is on Thursday and I don’t really want it to be and I don’t want to deal with it or age.. but… there ya go. My boyyyy is off in the world right now doing things, but he’s going to bring home food for me so sweeeeet! Maybe we will watch more random movies on Canadian netflix. I’m hoping for a chill enjoyable night before we plunge into the unknown. @___@ 


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