Yes, Camping.

What is uuup party people?! I’m camping with my whole Damn family at a place called bluewater lake. We took my parents rv, so it’s sort of cheating camping. My phone screen keeps getting all weird and fucked up, so I’m hoping it’s still in warranty so I can replace it. But it’s working right now. Overall it’s pretty nice here. We went on a hella long hike earlier. I have only taken a few pictures but I’m gunna put them on this entry Hell yeah.

Here is a pic of the lake. Obviously it is a lake.

Here is the skeleton of one of the weird ugly fish that live in this lake. They are tiger muskies or something. Apparently they are rare and people like catching them. (You can also see my bf taking a picture of it as well )

Here is the dam from above, and the lake looking actually blue.

Look at that fucking sky dude. It’s blue as hell with super rad clouds. I totally want to bone that sky.


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