I’m hoping to get some work by tomorrow at the latest. This un-wanted un-asked for time off has not been good for me or my psyche. I just want to sleep and drink, which I think is called depression. It makes me feel useless to have no income, and while there are a million productive things I could and should be doing I seriously have 0% motivation to even try. Soooooo that’s bad. Overall I have not been doing great inside my own head. -looks around- anyway, I’m hoping things will improve. The 18th (hopefully) means a goodly chunk of money from my boyfriend. I’m looking forward to that for a variety of reasons. It will give me until the start of November to make enough money for that month’s rent… which should be fucking doable. I have next to no clean clothes which is slightly annoying. I really  need to do laundry. We might go to my parents’ house tomorrow to do that and also other stuff. I sort of need to go to the store, and also I should probably go for a walk or do something productive with my body, ya know? 


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