I just got some more freelance curation work. When the work comes in and I know what I’m doing I fucking love being a freelance writer / other random work-er person. It’s really just the best. The most gratifying and least stressful work I have ever done. But when the work isn’t coming in… it’s wicked stressful and awful and makes me doubt all my life choices. BUT! Right now the work has come in and it’s good money and I feel pretty good and un-stressed. I still have calls to make that I keep avoiding, but whatever. We just ordered a pizza because neither of us wanted to go to the store and also pizza sounded super good to me. (Authentic New York style pizza, from an awesome local place.) Sooo hopefully that will be here soon. My curation work is due on Thursday, and after I finish it I will have half a month’s rent saved. (I don’t actually have to pay the rent again until November, but I need to make SURE SURE SURE SURE SURE I can get it done in time. Cool. Yes. 


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