I don’t know why my soul feels like it’s jumping and jiving around so damn much. I feel wicked restless and unsettled and somewhat unscrewed. I like when other people step up to bat for me and take care of things I’m having trouble with. My phone has been glitching out for a couple weeks. Every time I go to use it after it has gone unused for an hour or so, the screen acts all weird. First it goes all pale, then it gets weird vertical stripes, then it superimposes images on top of each other as I scroll. After like 10-20 minutes it acts normal, until I leave it alone for another hour or so. It’s been super annoying and it is still in warranty. Still, I have not been able to get Verizon to replace it for me. So today I went over to my parents’ house and my dad called them for me. The first guy we talked to was a huge douche and he kept saying this was a problem he had never heard of before, so it must be because of damaged I caused. I was like… bullshit. My phone is in pristine condition. But the guy was a dick so he just refused to do it. Anyway, after lots more calling people my dad eventually found someone who would do it, which is awesome. We spent a ton of time at my parents’ house today, doing laundry and dealing with that and I did work almost the whole time I was there. I still have about 35 items to curate. It’s due at 12pm tomorrow, but I hate waking up early so I’m going to finish them tonight. Things and toys are arriving in the mail, and I’m excited to give them a go this weekend, hopefully. Okay, I need to go finish my work now  bye.


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