Sleep sleep sleep, beep beep beep

Hey, you know what’s wicked fun? Trying to sleep while you feel sick to your stomach and like you might puke, while your a.c. makes hella loud buzzing noises at random intervals, and there is major construction happening a couple streets away and there are a million trucks beeping as they back up all the time every second. Hahahahahahaha amazing. Just astounding. I can’t believe my bf feel asleep with all this noise happening, that’s really impressive.he just peaced out of the conscious world and dang I want to do that as well. (“Beep. Beep. Beep. … Beep. Beep. Beep.”) We spent a lot of today at my parents’ house. My dad just got his first smartphone (it’s a badass  nearly indestructible tank of a phone, the Kyocera brigadier) anyways, I helped him get his apps set up and taught him the basics of how to do everything. It was really fun for me because he was not excited about having it at first but he kept getting more and more excited as I showed him all the cool stuff it could do. When I showed him voice search he asked it about the weather in another city and it told him. He and my mom both sorta flipped out, then proceeded to ask it a bunch of other stuff. it was super cute. I love all the people I love so goddamn much it hurts. I want to be perfect for them and never let them down and be everything they want me to be. It overwhelms me if I think about it too much. For now, I need to sleep. Can’t forget to go to the post office tomorrow. Also gotta deal with my hair cuz it’s suuuuper jacked up and tangled way bad. I forgot how much higher maintenance it is at this length.


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