¡Que aburrido!

Man I was way hungover today. (Technically yesterday now) Drank some box wine (box wiiiine) the previous night and it was more potent than I anticipated, or I didn’t eat enough, or whatever. The point is I woke up today feeling like …. something bad, that’s what. But I still sucked it up and went to the gym even though I felt like I could puke at any moment. After that I came home, showered, and we went out for sandwiches and wheatgrass shots. Mmmmmm liquid grass. I didn’t get nearly as much work done as I should have, so I am going to have to do helllllllla work tomorrow. I need to fucking sleep. Someone was just outside playing guitar at 4am. Like are you shitting me dude? Aaanyways, I’m gunna try to sleep now I really hope I can. This was a super boring entry seriously just so damn boring. Okay bye


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