Found Poetry

I found this poem on (my kinky) tumblr a few weeks ago, and it just came back on my dash and I fucking love it a lot so I’m posting it here. I don’t know exactly who wrote it and I tried to do some research to find out but so far I have got nothing. It is attributed to but I don’t know if this person actually wrote it or what. Anyway, I’m posting it here. It illustrates just… awesomely how I feel about my nature as a sub and just… the complexity of that aspect of my relationship and just… aaahhhhhh it’s awesome. Shut up. Read it or don’t and yeah.

Even when I’m yours,
there’s always a little try
left in me for you
to put an end to, to put
your hand to, to let rise
and shut down, to let run
and give chase, to tire out.

Even when I’m yours,
there are doors you need to open,
windows you need to raise,
dark places in me you need
to bring to the light
of your hands, to the sun
of your wet mouth and teeth.

Even when I’m yours,
there is a cost to ownership,
there’s work to be done,
there are rebellions to quell,
foreign lands to explore.
There will always be a rise in me,
even when I’m yours.


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