* crawls back into the world *

Soooooo… as any regular reader might have noticed, I had a really intense, really hard, pretty insane week. However: Assuming everything shakes out like it’s supposed to, (knocks on wood)  I basically made $2,000 in one fucking week. Amazing. Astounding. Incredibly difficult WAY TOO MUCH fucking work. But somehow I managed to get it done. I slept very little and I have a massive sleep debt I need to make up for now. After staying up all night, I finished the last of my work at 9:30 in the morning and immediately passed out. Seriously, I was falling asleep over my computer and I had to splash cold water on my face so I could stay awake long enough to FINISH IT. But I did, which is awesome. And I have no idea when I’m going to get more work, and I hope it is fairly soon, but this is definitely enough money to float on for a little while if need be.

In other news… We just started this weird diet today. A lot of the food is provided, but you add some of your own stuff too. I have a long and sordid past with diets and attempted weight loss and I don’t like talking about it at. all. because it really fucks me up emotionally to do so. Honestly the only thing that has ever actually worked for me was just straight up self control and distraction. However: I’m going to give this a try. My parents’ are doing it too and they’re all excited and jazzed about it and I’m just like… Trying to be open to it and take it for what it is and appreciate the fact that I’ve basically been gifted a month’s worth of healthy food. Also trying to not over think it, or let the whole prospect of it and everything it represents plunge me into a spiraling depression. Cool. Yeah. Good plan. Right now I’m feeling moderately hungry and moderately irritated, but the irritation is probably largely because I have not slept nearly nearly nearly enough this week. Okay, I’m going to head out now.


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