My client officially paid me for my insane work week last week. Fuck yeah. Hell yeah. I made $2,041 in one week. It was a horrible week but I did it and I earned that shit. Hell yeah. Amazing client, amazing life. I’m proud of myself and I hope I get more work soon. Real soon. As soon as possible. But I’m going to try my best to enjoy the time I get to spend on other things. I feel relieved that she officially gave me the money. However: I won’t be able to actually get it until Tuesday of next week, or thereabouts. But that’s okay, overall.

I also wanted to talk about my snails. I had snails for a few months, my boyfriend picked them up for me from a random yard in the rain. I wanted to let them go before it got cold so they could hibernate naturally. I also wanted to let them go somewhere better than where I found them, because there is a good chance they would have gotten killed or poisoned in that random yard. I also wanted to leave them somewhere it would be consistently moist, which is hard to do in the desert. After a couple weeks of thought I remembered the perfect place. A tiny little oasis near my parents’ house. I used to catch tadpoles and stuff there as a kid. It’s a pond some months out of the year and sort of dried up in others, but it is always at least semi-moist and tons of plants grow around there. I left them with some food, and I think they will do really well there.

Day 2 of this weird diet. Feeling sorta hungry and sorta annoyed. It’s okay, it’s whatever. It’s healthy shit and way more vegetables than my body is used to, which is good I suppose. Friday night we are going to make our own meal and also drink and I’m looking forward to that a lot, probably too much. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I feel dumb and gross for even talking about it on here, it’s something I’m used to keeping super private. So… um… sorry. Sorry.


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