Humpback Whale Day

Feeling consistently hungry and consistently irritable as hell. I’m craving protein like woah. Not sweets, not fucking chips or whatever, goddamn protein. I’m sure this is a fine amount of protein but I’m used to ~~mostly protein~~ and ugh. Just ugh. Also like… the majority of these meals are noodles or largely noodle based and I fucking hate noodles. After surviving on mostly noodles for YEARS in college I really can’t stand that shit any more. So…… that’s fun. I felt really weak at the gym, but I still managed to make it through the circuit. Today was just an awful day all around, super stressful and emotionally ravaging and I don’t fucking know how to deal with it honestly. I feel like crying in the shower for a few thousand years. I feel like I’m always having to be strong and calm about shit and just… ugh. It gets really tiresome. Whatever. I should shut up and stop whining.


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