Playlist 19: Odd but Sweet

It’s been a taxing week in different types of ways, even though I didn’t have a lot of work until today. Though I won’t be getting a traditional ~free weekend~, the free time I do get will hopefully be memorable and good. I wish you all a nice Friday through Sunday and beyond. The font for these song names got all huge and I don’t feel like spending any more time trying to figure out how to un-huge-ify it, so I’m just going to leave it. It goes with my odd but sweet theme I suppose. Peace, love, music.

1. Fatih Ürek – Bak Güzele (Turkish Pop what what what?!)

2. Milky Chance – Stole Dance (Bumped off an earlier playlist, but now it gets its chance)

3. The Glitch Mob – Fortunate Days (Long, instrumental, light dubz)

4. Sea Wolf – The Rose Captain (Usual Sea Wolf style, v nice)

5. Alt-J – Ripe & Ruin (Short, a cappella, awesome)


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