I got some more freelance work today. Hell yeah, hell yeah. Shout out to my smartphone. If I didn’t have a phone that gave me reliable email notifications I would not be getting this work. Seriously, it usually wakes me from a sound sleep and I respond to the offer within about 5 minutes. If I take much longer than that to respond, the work will go to someone else. It’s nuts. I kinda miss reliable steady article writing, and I’m hoping that’s going to come back at some point. But for now I can deal with this, and I just hope it keeps coming. It’s weird, definitely. This little batch is due Wednesday morning at like 7am, which means I’m going to finish it at like… 3 in the morning or slightly later probably. But I’ll have it done in time. Cool. Yeah. Poppin’ my gum, watching dumbass movies in the background, procrastinating my work. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. Cool.


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