Playlist 23: What even is life? edition

Hi, hello, hello, hi. Does it annoy you guys that I seem to *mainly* post playlists on here now? less personal posts? Have I lost followers since I started doing this? I don’t know how to find my follower count on this stupid, difficult to use website so I’m not going to make the effort to answer that question. I will probably go back to writing more personal stuff eventually, but I dunno for sure. Anyway, it has been a pretty uneventful week, and I sort of can’t believe we’re already 1 week into November. What’s that about yo? At least the weather is finally starting to get cool, which I greatly enjoy. Yes, good, cool, yes, good. Well, it’s a short playlist this week anyway, just four songs that I dig, and dug at some point during the week. I hope you guys enjoy your next few days, and your lives in general for that matter.

1. Coconut Records – It’s not You it’s Me

2. Caravan Palace – Maniac

3. Wolfmother – White Unicorn

4. Parov Stelar – All Night



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