Playlist 24: Random Activities and Civil Liabilities

Soooo it’s been a weird and pretty exhausting day. I spent the majority of it taking care of my little brother who fucked up his back really bad somehow. I hung out with him last night and he was in a lot of pain, barely able to take a full breath, barely able to move. Today he was just as bad if not even worse. He texted me this morning asking if I would take him to the chiropractor because he didn’t think he could drive. I was running on just a few hours of sleep, but of course I said yes and I took him. He got an adjustment, but that shit doesn’t fix everything instantly, and the actual adjustment hurt a lot because of how much pain he was in. I helped him get home and set him up in his bedroom with a heating pad and his laptop so he could watch movies or whatever. Then I went out to do some shopping, and got him food and sports drinks and an alcoholic beverage just in case he felt like dulling the pain ~that way~ I also bought him a matchbox car even though he is a grown ass man, because I thought he would think it was funny, which he did. So now his roommate / bff is over there with him and can keep him company and get stuff for him if he needs, so I feel okay relaxing a bit myself. (And I’m ordering a pizza for dinner from my f ave local place)~deep breaths~ Sooo yeah. That’s that. I’m still throwing down a tiny little playlist, even though tonight is going to be a casual night.

1. Metric – Blindness (I sort of like Metric apparently, I think this is the third time I’ve posted a song by them)

2. Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind (This band has a pretty unique sound and I like it)

3. Wax Tailor – A Woman’s Voice (Wax tailor uses a lot of weird samples, but for the most part it works for me)

4. Alt-J – Tessellate (Have I mentioned that I’m mad into Alt-J lately? Like really really into them? Just so so frickin into them? And I also got my brother and my boyfriend into them? Because I am, and I did. )


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