Home style

Soooo today we went grocery shopping to pick up some essentials and spend more money than I really wanted to. Anyway, on the way out a homeless lady approached us. We live downtown and there are just… hella homeless people around all the time, whenever you go out somewhere, every time, forever. It’s fucked up, but I’m really desensitized to it and I ignore them 90% of the time because I’m too poor to really help them out and just… yeah. So anyway I was expecting her to ask for money and instead she asked us for a ride to the homeless shelter (that’s way the fuck down in the South Valley) She was shivering and basically crying, saying someone was supposed to give her a ride but never showed up. It was only a couple degrees above freezing and going to get a lot colder over the next few hours. My boyfriend was with me so I felt relatively sure nothing bad would happen, so I said yes. (ignoring the voices of my parents in my head warning me about strangers and whatnot. If it had been a guy I’m 85% sure I would have said no TBH) She cried as we walked to the car and thanked us like 1,000 times. We have a blanket in the back seat and told her she could use it and she did. She was quiet for the rest of the ride, and we made it to the shelter 7 minutes before 8:00, which is when they stop letting people in apparently? Soooo now she will get a sandwich and not freeze to death tonight, which is good.

And now I’m home, in my apartment, comfortable. About to cook dinner, including spaghetti squash with my dad’s signature recipe spaghetti sauce. Safe. Warm. Fortunate.



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