Dry cold nights

What it do what it do? I should be trying to sleep and stuff. I finished that paper I mentioned earlier. It was 6 pages all in and I did the whole thing in just over 4 hours. I know it wasn’t my best work, but hey, I’m out of practice. And it will suffice. What else? I’m sleepy and hungry and I just followed a blog on tumblr entirely devoted to pictures of steaks. Oh god what’s wrong with me? If I had a grill I would totally grill stuff on there. Fo sho I would. It’s cold out and our neighbors are pieces of total human garbage and I fucking hate living next to them 0/10 would gladly trade them for any of our previous neighbors including the squealing high heel clacking frequent partying sorority girls, or the people who played beer pong out front all the time often at like 4 in the afternoon, or the people who were obsessed with flying remote control helicopters and sat out front for hours every day just… buzzing them around. But unfortunately I don’t get to choose. So yeah. Just have to deal with it with as much ignoring as possible. And try not to give myself ulcers over the whole situation. Yup. Okay I took two benadryl and those fuckers are starting to kick in hella sleepy style so I’m gonna go bye.


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