My rad bad magical life

So, it’s 4:30 in the morning, and I’m pretty drunk, and I was about to go to sleep, but then I got an email from a potential client in some English speaking country somewhere in the world and I ended up sending her writing samples and she said she liked them (hell yeah she did) and asked if I wanted to do a trial article thing and I said hell yeah I would and gave her my rate and told her I could negotiate if necessary. She hasn’t gotten back to be in like 20 minutes and I’m thinking my rate might be too high for her but honestly it’s pretty reasonable and for the time and effort I put into my work I really can’t accept much less. Anyway, whatever. That’s life. My life is hella weird but slightly awesome drunkenly picking out writing samples for potential clients and shit. Honestly my business style emails sound better and more confident when I’m in this state. Anyway, I think I’m going to try to sleep now and just wake up if I get a notification. Man, I couldn’t do this shit without a smart phone. Okay, I’m out. Later.

She got back to me asking how long it would take me to write something like that. Omfg. What’s happening? I’m so tired
Insert negotiations and shit that are really confusing and I’m so tired and I want to sleep and kinda want to blow off this client just so I can fucking sleep but I probably; shouldn’t because I need money.
*update again, 6am*
This lady is really starting to annoy the shit out of me ugh maybe this isn’t worth it ugh


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