*The next day*

Soooo yeah I’m definitely not going to be working with that client, who I was drunkenly trying to negotiate with until after 6 in the morning. Basically she was trying to get me to work for less than $10 an hour, one 600 word article in APA format with cited sources per hour. which is just really not cool and when I explained that I wouldn’t be able to deliver *quality* content at that speed, or for that price, she was just like… peace out. Soooo yeah that was a less than fun and less than productive way to waste my buzz. Coulda been enjoying myself and then just gone to bed happy instead of stressing and trying to negotiate with a client somewhere in the world where it probably wasn’t 3am through 6am. Freelance problems, am I right? She said she was in the “intermediate” price range but she secretly just wanted hella cheap work, which is unfortunately the case with a lot of clients. Aaaaaanyway, in a couple weeks when I’m dead fucking broke I will probably regret not trying harder or just taking it anyway even though it was a terrible deal, but I dunno. Maybe not. Maybe something cool will happen for me. Doing that right before I went to sleep gave me some really fucking cool stress-style hella weird secretly not cool at all dreams. -looks around- Welp, it’s a new day (but it all feels old, it’s a good life, that’s what I’m told) Jesus christ was that good charlotte? I think so. oh my god. My inner middle-schooler just busted out. Haha yeah fun. My boyfriend is all sick and I feel like…. I’m not as good at taking care of sick people as I used to be. Not as patient. Not as empathetic. But I will still try.


2 thoughts on “*The next day*

  1. Feminine and Feline says:

    I hope everything works out.

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