I keep having the same dream. I’m living in this house, or maybe it’s an apartment, I’m not sure. But I think I own it, not renting. It’s really tore up on the inside. Shit everywhere, the walls are messed up, last occupants left it in really bad shape. The layout is almost the same as our first apartment, but it’s a little different, bigger, there are more rooms somehow. We have a bunch of ferrets and a bunch of kittens and I keep having anxiety about all the fucking kittens, saying yeah they are cute and fun now but they are going to grow into a bunch of big gross cats and it will be too much to take care of them all. Soooo yeah, I could pass on having it repeat in my sleeping head over and over. In my waking life, my last good bra that I had and actually really liked, best bra ever 10/10 fucking broke. I ordered a new one but it won’t be here for a few days and right now I just have one horrible one that is super uncomfortable / genuinely painful and just constantly digs into my ribs. Soooo like… I haven’t left the house very much because I have to fucking wear that thing because no way I’m going out without one because of ~reasons~ and uugh I dunno, it’s contributing to how shitty I feel overall. Clothing problems. My wardrobe overall is really shitty, bordering on genuinely pathetic but I don’t have the money or mental fortitude to try and expand it at this point in time. *gives myself a sarcastic high 5* Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyhooo, I’m going to go now and do things or whatever. Okay, bye.


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