Playlist 27: Saturday Snow Special Edition

Shit has been weird lately, but today was the first snow of the year, and it was fucking beautiful. I went on a long, freezing walk with my little brother. Neither of us really properly attired for the weather. It was just raining at first but then it started to snow. We got so excited, like two little kids. Running under the snowflakes, catching them in our mouths (and eyes accidentally), splashing through puddles and freezing ourselves, laughing laughing shivering laughing. Staring up at streetlights to get the best view of all the flakes falling so slow and gently against the night sky. It was beautiful. Now I’m home and semi-dry, here with my boyfriend. Getting ready for what will hopefully be a very nice night. Though it is Saturday and not Friday, I’m busting out a little playlist, just a handful of songs. I haven’t done one in a couple weeks, and I just want to. I hope that we all continue to have a nice weekend, and I hope it keeps snowing and snowing and snowing.

1. Miike Snow – Burial (Get it? Snow? eh? eh?) 

2. Aiden – Cold December (One of my all time fave emo songs, also… December! Cold! Yes.) 

3. Blackmill, feat. Veela – Let it Be (Chill Jam, atmospheric, light dubs)

4. Dr. Dog – Distant Light (Dr. Dog gets extra cool points just for their band name, lets’ be real.)


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