Terror replaced with cautious optimism

I just got an email from my fabulous client saying that there are going to be guides to write again, and soon. Sooner than I expected. Soooo I’m really happy about that. Guides mean a set number each week, which (hopefully) means a little bit of consistency in my life, knowing exactly how much I will make each week, how much work I will have to do. It’s really nice, and as awesome as it is to occasionally make $2,000 in one fucking terrible week, not knowing when and if more work will come is pretty rough. So assuming everything goes well, I am happy to make a humble but steady amount each week. It’s enough to live off of fairly comfortably. Really, I feel mad lucky that I can make a living without having to have a “real” job. *knocks on wood*  I need to be working right now but shit keeps distracting me and getting me all distracted and stuff of that nature. Buuut no worries, I WILL get it done. Right now I need to run out to the store and try to miraculously find some presents for my family members on a mad limited budget. I’m also going to get the ingredients to make latkes, because tonight is the last night of Hanukkah and I really want to celebrate it in style. (Also latkes are amazing and my family’s recipe is the best, and we already have a huge bag of potatoes) Okay, I’m gunna knock out a little more work, then I’m going to run to the store. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh I’m feeling a little better about my life in general now. Taking a breath. Gunna pay my bills and survive and it will be awesome.


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