A day in the life

Today has felt like a nice day to me, despite various things that are happening. It’s been fun and chill overall. My dad volunteers for a public radio station, and every Saturday he works the switchboard and plays the things and he’s on the air for about 5 hours. Apparently a lot of people listen to the station at that time. “More people than fit inside the Olympic stadium” he told me today. So anyway the station is really close to where I live and sometimes I go visit him there while he’s working. I did so today, because he had some stuff he wanted to give to me. He goes on the air and says stuff a couple times an hour and I’m usually not there when he does it, but today I arrived like two minutes before he had to go on. So I’m just sitting there in the room with him, being super quite while he reads out the weather report and talks about upcoming programs and stuff. The whole time he’s on the air the only thing I’m thinking is “I could totally yell “PENIS!” right now and it would go out on the air … more people than fit into the Olympic stadium would hear me yell PENIS.” but fortunately, I restrained myself. Anyway, yeah. After that I went to the store and a little later my boyfriend and I went to the dollar store, which is always pretty fun tbh. Like… everything is a dollar and there are so many random things. We mainly went for cleaning supplies, and a new leash because we somehow lost the two leashes we have??! and having a leash is pretty important to us for *reasons*. This one is bright pink on one side so it should be harder to lose. We ended up getting a bunch of other stuff too because we always do because everything is a dollar and that is a serious recipe for impulse buys. After that we went to starbucks and used one of the two gift cards I got for the holidays. Sooo yeah. So far today I’ve eaten basically no solid food and only liquids and my body is mad confused. BUT! I’m about to eat some turkey tacos and salad so hopefully it will be happier. Okay! I’m out! Have a good night everyone.


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