Hi, hello, hello, hi

Hey there random internet strangers, and like 6 people I actually know, how’s it going?! I’m doing okay-ish I think, I hope. *knocks on wood* I got some work today, which is awesome. Articles to write for MONEY. 10 700+ word articles for $40 each, for a grand total of $400 per week, for ??? amount of weeks, until they run out of topics I guess. Hopefully it won’t be for a while, and I’ll get a chance to make a decent amount of money. Freelance life is pretty weird stuff. I literally am writing for a living, but I’m not getting any credit for this shit, but I AM making a decent living, like seriously that’s probably going to be around a 20 hour work week, possibly even a little less, and I’m going to make $400. That’s the stuff kids. That’s the dreams that English majors who don’t really want to work very hard dream of. I should go back for my Masters (degree), but I don’t want to have to take out loans, and I would have to. I dunno. I do not know. On the list of things I know, whether or not I will go back for my masters is not one of those things on the list. It is missing from le list. listless. Things that are on the list include:

– I know I’m hungry because I felt suddenly sick earlier and puked up the only thing I’ve eaten today.

– I know I really want to buy a fun birthday present for my boyfriend but things are expensive.

– I know having an amazon prime account is hella dope.

– I know the neighbors that we fucking hate because they are terrible people got like 6 parking tickets and a boot on their car and that makes me happy in my cold little heart

– I know they are having trouble paying their rent on time / at all, and I fucking hope they get kicked out.

– I know my boyfriend just got home with food so I’m totally done with this now bye


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