I just finished reading “The Art of Asking” and I feel like an emotionally drained wrung out sponge. My parents bought me a signed copy for Christmas because they are well aware of my enduring love for Amanda Palmer, who has been a staple of my musical life and beyond for about 10 years now. {My whole family went on my fan-girl quest with me when we were in Boston} Anyway, yeah it was an emotional experience for me all around, and if I cried about stuff I would have cried at least 4 times. Maybe I should be more free about crying, I dunno. I have a complex about it. Anyway, yeah. I feel pretty raw and open now, but not entirely in a bad way. I need some time to process. That’s all I’m gunna say about it for now, yeah.  I just bought a birthday present for my boyfriend that he would never buy for himself in a million years, and I really don’t think he would ever guess what it is. Hopefully it doesn’t suck, but you know. Risks and taking them and why the hell not forever. I have articles to write, I told my editor I would have two done by Monday. He never even got back to me saying anything about my “tentative schedule” … but whatever. We’ll see what happens when he actually edits my work. We’ll see what he’s like. ** deep breaths ** man, I feel a-shambles.


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