Playlist 30: Winter writer

I finished all my work and then I went on a really long walk while talking to my parents on the phone (via my headphones so I didn’t have to hold the phone in my hand / so I could look like an insane person talking to herself.) It was really nice out, cold and cloudy and slightly drizzly and just just getting dark. It felt good. I’ve been feeling pretty emotionally shitty and weak the past few days, so that’s been fun. Walking in the too-cold with just my thinnest jacket makes me feel better, calms my body as well as my mind. I did it last night as well. It was snowing and I kept daring myself to go one block further, face into the wind and snow. Biting and stinging and breath catching in my lungs. One more block, just one more.

Twenty-One Pilots – Fake You Out

Loudon Wainwright III – Vampire Blues

Silverstein – Burning Hearts (Acoustic)

Peter Bjorn and John – The Chills

Eartha Kitt – I Want to be Evil

Matt & Kim – Not That Bad

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand


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