Zoo days

Today I went to the zoo with my mom and it was very cool. Very nice. Sometimes we hang out together and go on random missions and do weird stuff or whatever. We ended up going just randomly, on a whim. Anyway, it ended up being one of the coolest zoo days ever. Really, it was very cool. There were hardly any people there at all, and we ended up seeing a lot of cool stuff, including:

-4 vultures fighting over a huge chunk of meat (and one super clever crow who got a big piece of it while they were distracted)

– Snow leopards actually awake and walking around and doing stuff

– A tiny golden marmoset super close up, like I totally could have reached through the bars and touched him no problem. (but I didn’t)

– A male and female lion sitting together and being super cute and the female lion rubbed her head on the dude lion


(exibit A: the dude lion)

– A baby kangaroo hopping around hella cute and nursing from its mom

– Woah crazy looking wolf’s mona monkies

– Hippos fuckin’ swimming around like crazy submarines that would kill the shit out of you

– A zookeeper feeding a bunch of zebras and zebras being hella cute

– A giraffe bending his neck super weird to use his little horn things to scratch his butt

– tiny baby crocodiles and a huge-ass super big dinosaur looking crocodile just chillin


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