the life and times

Soooo I still haven’t heard back from my client who owes me $200, and who said there might be other types of work coming up that I’m interested in / need in order to have money. I sent her a second email yesterday evening, but have not heard back yet. I’m kinda (really) stressing about that. I need to work on lyrics for a song, I know Mike wants me to have them done and I want to have them done but I don’t yet. I just got back from the gym a few minutes ago. They gave me a new card a few days ago and when I went today they scanned the card and got all confused because it was registered to Robert ~somebody~ and not to me. Soooo that was fun. We got it straightened out. (I think) My life is super entertaining, Iiiiiii know. I want *things* and **thiiiiiingsssss** but it’s okay, I can deal. I was in the middle of a super sweet really graphic awesome style sex dream earlier but then someone texted me right at the best part and I woke up. Laaaame.  I need to go get “personal wage records” from the ISD office and I’m also stressed about doing my taxes and I might owe money and that would fucking suck super fucking way mad hard. @______________@ I’m not even sure how to file as a “self-employed” person or what I’m required to claim and ugh. I just hate being an adult except that I can get in anywhere and drink alcohol. (but if I wasn’t an adult I probably wouldn’t feel the need to drink tbh.) Ooookay, yeeeeeeah. I’m done writing this now so I’m gunna go.


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