The backs of my ears

Fucking tired but not tired. Having fairly bad cramps cuz I just fucking started my period, which is g.r.8 timing, since I’m spending the night at my parents house away from my heating pad and other comforts. Also I’m sleeping on the futon in my brother’s room cuz I let him have the big bed because his sheets were already on it and I didn’t feel like dealing with it and it’s 6am already and I’m getting *maybe* 3 hrs sleep. I’m worried about money and I’m worried about my s.o and I’m worried about myself tbh. But… We did have some significant recording success. Laid down vocals for TWO FUCKING SONGS!! I did next to none of the vocals, just ran the board all night and laid down some “ooooh”s. For one song. So that means 8 down 5 to go. Holy shit. Things are happening. I hope I can sleep at least a little. This bed isn’t so bad. I’m probably guna wake up confused about where I am tho. But that’s okay. I’m gonna read a little and then try to pass out. Need to do laundry in the morning.


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