the nonsleep diaries

I’m sooooo exhausted. My eyes can barely focus. Blurrrrr city. blur blur city. But guess what? I got a trail for some fucking weird bizarre type of freelance work that I don’t even fully understand yet, and I have to finish it by 7pm tomorrow. Hahaha yeah. I’m alternating between chill confidence and gut wrenching fear. I need to look at the things and figure out what I’m doing and figure out if I have any questions I need to ask the client, but I don’t want to do that stuff at all. Nah son. Nah son. Not at all. But really I had a nice day today mostly. I spent a lot of it with my parents. We went on a long walk with the dogs, and I pet two horses and one of them really liked getting scratched under the chin, and I named him chin horse, and we were friends. Also we saw a bunch of alpacas, and they were way on the other side of a field, but they came over to check us out and they were super cute and v curious about the dogs. I’m really fucking tired, and I need to do more stuff with my life in general. I really do.

2 thoughts on “the nonsleep diaries

  1. daintylittlesecretsblog says:

    I think genius is found between gut wrenching fear and chill confidence. (:

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