Wide awake why awake

Dude. Duuuude, why can’t I sleep? I even took a benadryl, I should be sawing mad logs, dreaming hella dreams. But alas, a lass, all ass. Wakeful eyes all open in the dark. Man, dude, I want a snake. I mean, I’ve wanted one since I was like 10,  but now I’m suddenly kinda all about it. I know I’m too poor right now to make it happen, but I like to think about it and do research and stuff. Originally I was pretty set on a corn snake, but after doing more research I decided a ball python would be better for me. They have higher humidity requirements, but they’re a lot more chill and docile, which is really what I’m looking for. Also they are cute af. maybe for my birthday in like 2.5 months. Idk. Just wishful thinking, but It’s not outside the realm of possibilities. Anyway, got my sleeping rags on, cuz I like to sleep dressed like a 12th century peasant. Not really, but all my non rag sleeping shirts are dirty. Also most my underwear. I need to do laundry.


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