Snake snake snake

Haha! Yoooo! It really happened. I’m now officially the owner of a 6 month old female pastel ball python that I’m pretty sure I’m going to name Basil (short for Basilisk! Eh? Eh? Pretty cute right? Tell me if you think it’s cute. ) She arrived early this morning, very cold, packed in a tiny tub. It took me basically all day to get the right humidity and heat gradient going in her tank, but I think I finally have it pretty good. *knocks on wood* she’s really shy and nervous, but she spent a hella long time exploring her new home today. Her colors and markings are just beautiful and I’m really glad I got a pastel. Here’s a slightly blurry picture of her, I’ll try to get more later. I’m guna try to feed her tomorrow cuz she hasn’t eaten in over a week.



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