*warning* snake feeding pics featuring a dead rat don’t click it if you don’t wanna see that jazz.

so I’m feeding my snake again today, going for a weaned rat, aka a crawler. It’s pretty much the exact same diameter as the widest part of her body, so it should be perfect. So, ima walk you guys through the process, because it’s weird and interesting, cool and a lil gross.
First thing I do is take my snake out and put her in the little feeding tank.


(It’s basically just a plastic tub w/air holes that I partially covered with paper to make her feel safe)

The separate feeding tank helps her know exactly when she’s going to get fed, and it ensures she won’t accidentally ingest any of her substrate. I leave her in there for a little while to sniff around and get comfortable while I defrost her dead rodent meal in warm water.


(Exhibit A)

It takes about 20min, you gotta be real sure it’s fully thawed. When it’s done I take it out of the bag, lay it on some paper towels and blow dry it. I shit you not. Literally blow drying a dead rat. This gives the rat a nice strong heat signature for my snake to see, and it spreads the delicious rat smell through the air so she knows it’s food time. Next, I take my giant tweezers (aka tongs) and pick up the floppy dead rodent around its midsection. Once I have a good grip, I wiggle it around in front of Basil’s little snake face until she strikes, grabs it, and constricts it. Today she was hella hungry and ready to eat, she grabbed it the second I lowered it into the tank


Then I poke it with the tongs and wiggle it a little more so she feels like she killed it with her amazing powerful predator skills. and then,she eats it.






This last pic is her all finished eating, after I left her alone for about 30 min to get it all the way into her stomach. You can see how much bigger she looks. After that I carry the little feeding tub back over to her real tank, and gently gently gently pick her up and set her down in her snake domain. Then she immediately goes into one of her hides, (usually on the warm side but not always) and I usually don’t see her come out for at least 24 hours, and possibly 48.
That’s pretty much it! Thank you for joining me. I’m super proud of her for eating so well, and for switching from the dumb small ass mice her last owner fed her to appropriately sized rats.


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