Soul fodder

I just finished re-reading another one of my soul series, the books my heart guts are made of. I feel slightly bereft, in a way. I finished my curation work, hopefully I didn’t fuck it up… I’ve never done a batch quite like this one. hopefully I get paid for it soon and more is forthcoming. I’m tired I think. Summer makes a terrible person out of me. I need to fucking MOVE. I’m not looking forward to the 4th of July. chances are there will be  people there I could live without seeing… ever again… our album has been getting positive feedback which is cool, but we need more people to listen to it. (Check it out at if you haven’t yet, or search kind smart dangerous on YouTube to see the lyric videos I made for all the songs.) I’m growing super attached to my snake daughter. She’s 7 months old today, she’s grown a bit in the month I’ve had her. She’s awesome and wild and curious and shy. We’re slowly and imperfectly forming a bond of trust and understanding. Animals are amazing. I should try to sleep or something now.


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