My wallet in a can

I’ve been having such morbid thoughts lately. It’s really not cool. It’s fucking me up kinda. Morbid thoughts and weird dreams, and I’m still wicked new at being a snake owner (less than 2 months) and I’m still learning and doing my best. I know her viv has A+ conditions I’m not worried about that. Just a little worried about handling and reading her body language and when the hell is she guna shed she’s been out of blue for a few days she even ate on Saturday but she hasn’t shed yet as far as I can tell. Haven’t found a shed that is. ~ shrugs for a thousand years ~ idk. I just don’t wanna stress her out by handling her really while she’s in shed, but I hate going so long without handling her since I was working so hard to get her chill and comfortable with my. Idk. Idk Jack. Still haven’t even told my parents I have her lol the longer I wait and the bigger she gets the more awkward that could be. But whatever. I’m an adult I have my own place I can make my own decisions even if they don’t understand them / approve of them. *air guitar solo* *writes this on my phone while hiding under a blanket so the light doesn’t wake up my boyfriend* *gets really hot and claustrophobic and starts freaking out* *heart pounds* soooo yeah guess I’ll be done with this then aay? Sweet dreams, good tomorrows.


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