one topic per paragraph is for suckers.

Oh my gosh, my snake finally shed! I was getting kinda worried, but she totally shed perfectly all in one piece. And I got another batch of freelance work, due early on Friday morning. I’m 1/4th of the way through it. I wanted to save her shed because it’s like… cool and whatnot, but she took a huge freakin’ dump in it, which is a thing that happens apparently. So never mind that went directly in the garbage. I’m hoping I’ll get one more batch of work this week, Friday through Sunday. That would be ideal and super useful all around and also ideal and also yes please money please I need more work please please please. Dang this snake looks so cool and bright yellow now that she just shed. Seriously, I bet she’s happier too. Hopefully she’ll feel more up to being active now that that’s over. This type of work is really boring but at least it’s easy and it requires very little brain power so I can do other stuff in the background like hang out with people or watch the dumbass star trek movies my boyfriend is currently watching. She’s such a good eater too, I’m really glad. And I held her for the first time in over a week and she was still really sweet and nice and no biting or striking or anything like that. A+ snake. She’s gotten so much bigger it’s nuts. She’s still hella freakin’ cute tho I love her. I have to do some more work before I go to bed, so I’m gunna go do that now. Peace.


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