There’s a snake in my boobs

So things have been more or less okay, I think. *knocks on wood* *literally does it* My wish bracelet finally fell off. Jeeze, I was wearing that thing forever. My snake is still really awesome. I held her for a really long time last night, and then she chilled in my bra for like a half hour. She got comfortable and just curled up there, enjoying my body warmth and whatnot. She might have been asleep it’s hard to tell with no eyelids. It was extremely cute, in a ~snake boob~ sort of way. *posts a picture whether you guys want to see my snake and boobs or not*


She would have stayed there longer, but I needed to feed her, so I pulled her out. 10/10 snake, highly recommend. It’s ridiculous how attached I am to this cold blooded reptile. Jeeze. I’m once again without any work. I really need to either find more clients, or just find some other way of making money that’s more stable, because I’m getting pretty tired of this feast and famine, monetary uncertainty bullshit. I got a $20 bonus for my last round of work for “finishing work on time”. Like really? I thought finishing on time was like… the bare minimum for freelance work, but thanks, and I accept your $20.

I got an *actual* blister on my finger from my bass guitar the other day. That’s what I fucking get for not playing for so long. Still, it was really gross and ouchie and mostly gross, but it’s gone now, and I should play more. I’m really hungry, but dinner isn’t going to be done for like two or three more hours, so I’m just going to have to deal with it ay? Just chill and tremble slightly because I drank too much coffee with too much nothing else in my stomach. Cool.


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