The Amazing Eavesdropper(TM)

Hey, hi, hi, hey. I successfully made it through my birthday. It was actually not bad at all. I went to my parents house and we just hung out for a long time and went to lunch and it was easy and everyone was happy and overall it was a very nice experience. My new age has settled over me, and I suppose I’m okay with it. Or at least getting there. We went to a play last night (part of my birthday present from my parents, along with another play in like a month, and the phone that I want when I can get an upgrade in like two months. I think I’ve convinced my mom to take my old phone, and **finally** join the modern -smartphone having- world.) The play was okay, it could have been 30 minutes shorter and 30% funnier… and it would have been amazing. I’m pretty much over forever and ever really truly incredibly over dramas about people cheating on each other and getting cheated on and yeah. Snoozles. One funny thing was the three old people sitting behind us could not fucking figure out that some parts of the play were like… plays within the play. They literally had no idea what was happening 90% of the time and I felt bad and kinda wanted to explain it to them but didn’t want to bust into their conversation and reveal my true identity as The Amazing Eavesdropper(TM). My parents still don’t know I have a snake lol. I should suck it up and just tell them I’m a MAJOR FUCKING ADULT they have to deal with my pet-having decisions. Speaking of my snake, she’s awesome and I held her for a long time last night, and I let her go on the bed to explore and check it out, but she ended up just hugging my leg and staying all close to me and it was the cutest shit ever. I’m ridiculously attached to her tbh. In less cool news, today I started bLeEdInG in that special fucking monthly way, and I feel a little bit terrible. I could tell last night it was probably going to happen. Even though this break isn’t *my* break exactly, I’m treating it like it is. This time is mine and I’m going to read and chill and enjoy it as much as I can… because when it ends I’m really going to need to take care of shit.

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