Hot roots

I tried to dye my hair the other day and it came out sooo fucking stupid and my roots were waaaaayyy lighter than the rest of it and it looked fucking terrible with a goddamn stripe down the middle of my head. Soooo I ended up dying it twice more before getting it acceptable. But now it’s wicked sad and dry. I did a deep conditioning treatment but I’m probably gonna do another one soon. But seriously I was full ready to damage the shit out of it before walking around looking like the offspring of a skunk that fucked a clown. It was a monstrosity all around. I went on a walk this evening and it was cool and lightly raining. Beautiful clouds and trees and sounds. But then when I was almost home I had a mildly embarrassing encounter. So I’ll probably dwell on that for a week or so. (It might haunt me forever! 🙂 there’s just no way to know! 🙂 ) hide hide hide hide. I want to be my snake. Hide inside a log, curl up on a warm spot and sleep for a few days. Until my old skin just sloughs off. Until my old skin sloughs right off. Until my old skin all sloughs off.


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