Closet cousin

My poor fucking hair is so dry and sad still. Trying to condition it and not over wash it as it recovers. In other news… my boyfriend is currently cleaning out the big closet in our hallway, because there is a chance my younger cousin might be fucking sleeping in there for a few days. Because her fiance broke up with her and she cheated on him or something? Idk? And she doesn’t have anywhere to stay I guess… But we live in a Tiny fucking 1br apartment so the best we have to offer is a closet big enough to put a tiny mattress in. And we really fucking hope she finds somewhere else to stay because it would just really suck and goodbye privacy. And like I’m not even *that* close with her really. She is not someone I would ever choose to live with. Like it would totally fucking suck and I hope it doesn’t happen. But this closet was way overdue for a cleaning anyway, so at least that’s happening apparently. I should get up and help, instead of laying here in my towel compulsively touching my dry hair. Ok. Yeah. Here I go.


3 thoughts on “Closet cousin

  1. lucifare says:

    What kind of conditioner are you using for your hair? I used to use this Loreal conditioning mask at Wal Mart that seemed to work pretty well. I know I read in your other post that your roots are showing. Are you planning on redying it? When I had my blue hair, I was having my friend redye everything and she completely missed all of my roots, which were a baby puke/shit green/brown. I just said fuck it, and kept it like that for awhile.
    I’m sorry that you cousin may be coming to live with you. I know I don’t like it when an unexpected guest arrives, especially if you guys don’t have the space for them. Is there anyway you can say no?

    • valerianblue says:

      Thanks for the comment! It’s nice to

    • valerianblue says:

      I actually have a really good conditioner that I like, it’s tresseme for curly hair it works very well. But I re-dyed my hair two fucking times, so I damaged the fuck out of it and that’s why it’s so dry. It’s actually feeling a bit better today, and I think it will be find after a few more conditioning treatments. Haha I hate it when that happens and your hair just doesn’t come out how you wanted it to. I could say no to her, but I would feel bad about it because she *is* my cousin and I feel sorta obligated to help her out. But she hasn’t gotten back to me about it yet, so hopefully she’s found someone else to stay with and we won’t have to deal with it.

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